Going Green on a Budget for Earth Day

Date: 2014-04-18

Earth Day is right around the corner! This makes it the perfect time to think about how you can reduce your environmental impact. And let’s get one thing straight: you don't have to install solar panels on your home or buy a new hybrid vehicle in order to play your part. There are many easy, cost-effective ways to live a greener life and help protect the environment.  Here are some ways to do it:

Mind your water usage. Cutting down on shower time, watering your lawn less, and only running the washing machine and dishwater with a full load are all great ways to save water. Reducing water usage is also an excellent way to save money on your utility bills.

Use public transportation when you can. Leaving your car at home is one of the most effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help the environment. Consider carpooling if public transit isn't an option. Better yet, ride a bike to work!

Switch to reusable goods. A travel mug and canvas shopping bag can replace dozens and possibly hundreds of disposable cups and plastic bags a year. Many cafes and stores even offer small discounts for using sustainable products. Eliminating paper plates and plastic utensils from your kitchen is another good decision.

Go paperless. Most billing services offer digital payment options that let you opt out of wasteful paper statements. Additionally, you can register your address online with some solicitation agencies in order to stop receiving junk mail.

Install compact fluorescent light bulbs. These long-lasting, energy efficient light bulbs may require a small upfront investment, but they will more than pay for themselves. The low energy consumption of CFLs reduces carbon dioxide levels as well as your monthly electricity bill, making them an attractive option for going green.

Reducing your environmental impact doesn't have to be an expensive or disruptive process. The above ideas are all simple to implement and many of them will end up saving you money in the long run. Be sure to share any plans you have for Earth Day with us!


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